Holley and Haltech dash inserts and Clusters

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We make some beautiful bolt in holley and haltech dash inserts. We have changed the game with these and turned them modular. Here is how they work. The surround bezel is 3d printed and set up to bolt 2 plates to it. The top plate is a beauty plate and can be set up for multiple different configurations like carbon fiber, brush aluminum, colors, and textured or smooth abs plastic. The bottom plates can be swapped for different screens so if u start with a 7 inch and change to a haltech later no need are a whole new cluster. Just purchase new plates. Or if you start with the standard abs top and later want a color or carbon fiber it can be swapped out.
If interested in a cluster please email CarChains3d@gmail.com we currently do now take order through our website YET.  but its coming.  
List of vehicles so far:
Gen 1 CTSV.
Gen 2 CTSV in testing phase.
1979 to 1986 Fox body Mustangs
1987 to 1993 Fox Body Mustang
1994 to 2004 New edge mustangs in testing on final fitment 
1981 to 1989 Camaro
1993 to 1997 Camaro
1998 to 2002 Camaro
1993 to 2002 Trans Am
2007 to 2013 GM truck in progress
1999 to 2007 GMC sierra and Chevy Silverado 
1995 to 1999 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado
1989 to 1994 GMC Sierra amd Chevy Silverado
2006 to 2009 Trailblazer SS
1986 to 1991 rx7
1989 to 1997 Na miatas