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We can do any vehicle.  Even if not presented.  When ordering please attach a picture of the vehicle that at least show the side you would like completed. We can only do front views, side views and rear views please specify which you would like when you order in the notes section on check out.  

Stock vehicles have stock body lines and paint schemes. 

Custom vehicles have added items like intercoolers, different headlights or taillights and multicolor paint jobs.    


All keychains are 3dprinted from a bio degradable plastic. They are extremely durable. They measure around 3 inches wide but the height is dependent on each model. We can do any vehicle, side by sides, motorcycles; we even have done a lawn mower. There are some details we can not do like lettering and emblems. In addition, chameleon colors or color changing effect also cannot be duplicated. We do not do quarter shots only fronts, sides and rears.

All items can take up to 30 days to manufacture.